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Laboratory: Our laboratory is currently equipped with: microcomputer constant temperature and humidity machine, salt spray corrosion test chamber, impact collision test system, sinusoidal vibration control measurement system, microcomputer tensile testing machine, combustion tester, temperature rise test load, TV load Testing Machine, DC Resistance Motor Load Testing Machine, Locked Rotor Testing Device, Tact Switch Testing Machine, Switch Testing Drive Device, X Fluorescence Spectrometer, X-RAY Electroplating Thickness Gauge, Tracking Tester, Hardness Tester, Dustproof Test box, temperature, humidity, vibration three comprehensive test box, switch life/force/torsion comprehensive test bench, thermal shock test box and other equipment.
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PCBA Workshop
PCBA Workshop: Our PCBA workshop is currently equipped with 2 high-speed placement machines, reflow soldering, AOI automatic detector, soldeer past thickness gauge and various other machines,
which can achieve 500,000 placements per day. 10 electronic assembly lines, which mainly produce power tool chargers, motor control circuit boards, power supplies, and other electronic products, have a daily production capacity of 50,000 parts.
Assembly Workshop
Assembly Workshop: Our company currently has 50+ assembly lines in our Suzhou and Zhangjiagang factories,which mainly produce power tool switches, mobile phone connectors, power switches, sockets, and more. At the same time, Huajie has independently designed and developed over 20 sets of automated production equipment, including the production of mobile phone connectors, test switches, carbon brush holders, and other high-precision parts. Additionally, we are equipped with ultrasonic riveting machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines, printing machines, laser engraving machines, automatic testing equipment, and many other production auxiliary equipment.

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